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Key Benefits
The Key Benefits Are
1. Reduce Investment Risk
2. Enhance Porfolio Income
3. Reduce Taxes

  • Reduce investment risk by developing a well diversified portfolio that include investments that respond differently to the same market events. A portfolio should consist of multiple asset types that are not highly correlated. The allocation for each asset type should not violate concentration rules as defined by the M.I.N.D.copyright Risk Management System.

  • Enhance portfolio income by selecting specialized investments that provide a cash flow component along with an inflation hedge. Having cash flow in a portfolio is important regardless of an investor's need for additional income.
    Debt Instrument
    Real Estate
    Other Investments
    Hard Assets/Commodities
    Energy/Oil & Gas Drilling
    Private Equity

  • Reduce taxes by taking advantage of specialized strategies developed for investors that are in a high tax bracket.

The concepts and strategies utilized in the M.I.N.D.copyright Risk Management System focus primarily on managing risk while achieving acceptable returns. If you are interested in having a more diversified approach to managing your wealth, Click here.